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The Gulf Coast Camellia Society was organized in 1962 for the purpose of extending appreciation and enjoyment of camellias. Members come primarily from the Gulf Coast Region which covers states from Florida to Texas.  Camellia lovers from other states are welcome to join. The Society strives to provide information to its members about all aspects of the care and culture of camellia plants as well as the exhibiting and showing of camellia blooms. The Society also serves as a forum for members to share and exchange information and experiences with other members. Annual dues for membership in the Gulf Coast Camellia Society are $10.00 for individuals and $12.00 for couples. Membership runs from October through September each year. Life Membership is available at $200 for individual and $240 for couples. Included with membership are four issues of The Gulf Coast Camellian.


The gulf Coast Camellia Society has an annual meeting which is hosted by a local club in the Gulf Coast Region.  The meetings have informative programs on camellia culture, the latest camellia varities, and other topics of interest to gardeners.  Meetings also provide opportunities for members to socalize with other camellia entheusists and establish friendships that can last a lifetime,  There is also an annual business meeting to tale care of society business.


The Gulf Coast Camellian which contains articles on all aspects of camellia culture as well as serving as an exchange of news and information between and for members. The Camellian also contains reports of the Society's operations, minutes of meetings, financial reports, show news, and other subjects of interest to our members.



Article One - Order of Business (GCCS Bylaws)
1. Introduction of New Members and Guests
2. Reading and approving of minutes of previous meeting
3. Report of Secretary
4. Report of Treasurer
5. Reports from committees
6. Old Business
7. Communications
8. New Business
9. Adjournment
A majority vote of the members (in good standing) present will be required for adoption of any matter coming before the Society unless provided for (by Louisiana Code RS12). No revisions 2012.

Article Two - Meetings (GCCS Bylaws)
Section one. REGULAR - The annual meeting shall be held in the Fall of the year (2012 revision deleted: month of September) and a second meeting may be called at the time of the annual meeting of the American Camellia Society (ACS) each year.

Section two. Special - Special meetings will be held at the call of the President, or on written petition to the President signed by 15 or more members in good standing. ( 2012 revision deleted 25 members). All members shall be notified at least fourteen days in advance and the business to be transacted stated in the notice.
Fifteen active members shall constitute a quorum. (2012 revision deleted 25 members)
Roberts Rules of Order Revised, shall govern the Society in all cases in which they are applicable and not inconsistent with the By-Laws. Any action not covered by these By-Laws shall be reconciled by the Executive Committee and its decisions shall be final.
Section Three. Executive Committee - The Executive Committee shall meet from time to time as scheduled (2012 revision deleted adjourned) or at the call of the President.

Article Three - Election of Officers (GCCS By-Laws)
The President shall appoint a Nominating committee of at least three members in good standing not later than thirty days prior to the Fall annual meeting (2012 revision deleted September). This nominating committee shall announce the slate of officers at this meeting. Nominations from the floor may be accepted for any office; elections of the officers will follow. Immediately upon the conclusion of the election, the presiding President shall hand over the gavel and/or conduct of the meeting to the newly elected President, or in his absence, to the First Vice-President, or in his absence, to any of the other Vice Presidents or other elected officers. Voting shall be by written ballot. Voting by proxy shall not be permitted.
Section Two. The President and Vice-President shall be elected for a term of two years ( 2012 revision deleted one year).
The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected for a term of two years. (no change)
Those receiving a plurality of votes shall be declared elected.
A retiring President will automatically become President Emeritus. He/she will continue to pay annual dues or become a Life member to remain an Active member.
Section Three. An officer may succeed him or herself for one (1) term.

Article Four - Dues (GCCS By-Laws)
Section One. The annual dues of this Society shall be Ten Dollars ($10.00) per year single, or Twelve Dollars ($12.00) per year couple (two living in the same household). A Life membership may be bestowed upon a member who has paid Twenty Times (20x) the annual dues for such membership. Annual membership in the American Camellia Society is recommended but not required.
Dues are payable October 1 or at the annual fall meeting (2012 revision deleted September) and must be paid within 30 days, for a member to remain in good standing.

Any member not paying within 30 days of November 1 (2012 revision deleted September) shall be notified of his or her delinquency by mail and shall be dropped from membership if dues are not received within 30 days of said notification.
Section Three. Resignations sill be accepted when written notice is sent to the Secretary or Treasurer, provided all indebtedness is paid. The President will answer all resignations requesting the reason for this action and asking them to reconsider, unless he or she deems it unnecessary.
Section Four. Any member may be suspended or removed for cause upon advice of the Executive Committee, at a regular meeting on vote of majority of members in good standing present.

Article five - Committees (GCCS By-Laws)
Section One. The Standing Committees may be:(2012 revision deleted shall be)
1. Executive Committee
2. Editorial & publicity
3. Membership
4. Program
5. Liaison with Local Societies
6. Parliamentarian
7. Historian
8. Constitution and By-Laws
9. Research and Meeting Arrangements
Section Two. Duties of the Executive Committee
1. Handle all executive matters pertaining to the Society as voted at regular meetings of members.
2. Take action on all necessary matters requiring attention in interim between regular meetings of the Society.
3. Be presided over by the President as its chairman.
4. Designate duties of all Standing and other committees as required.
5. Fill any vacancy caused by the death, incapacity, resignation, or removal of an officer during his or her term of office.

Article Six - Amendments to By-Laws (GCCS By-Laws)
The By-Laws of this Society may be amended after recommendation by the Executive Committee or by a two-thirds majority of members in good standing and in attendance at any regular meeting of the Society. Copies of proposed amendment must be submitted to all members fourteen days prior to the next meeting.

Published in Fall 1994 Camellian, volume 22, pages 14, 15, 16.
Retyped for electronic transmission by Caroline Dickson, 2017 GCCS President on May 14, 2017  

Gulf Coast Camellia Society Board Meeting Monday Oct. 15, 2018


The meeting was called to order at 2:30pm at the Palafox House, Pensacola, Fla. by President Caroline Dickson. A quorum was determined to be present. Board members attending included Caroline Dickson, Dennis Hart, Mike Ruth, Rebecca Christian, Al Baugh, Carol Comber, Mark Crawford, Jim Campbell, Jim Dwyer, Jim Smelley, Robert Stroud. GCCS members attending included Dick Hooton, Eddie Martin, Hunter Charbonnet, Bette Hooton, Lynn Vicknair, Ken Campbell, Jim Dickson and other late arrivals for parts of the meeting.


Introduction of new members and guests:  Treasurer, Mike Ruth reported that 22 new members were signed up during registration for the October 2018 annual meeting. Guests included ACS President Jim Dickson.


Reading and approval of previous minutes:  Minutes of the October 2017 Board meeting and general membership meeting were sent by email to board members May 2, 2018 for comments. No additions or changes were received by Secretary Rebecca Christian with an interpretation of group acceptance. The Minutes were published in the Camellian Vol. 44 No. 4 Autumn 2018. A motion to accept and dispense with reading was made by Jim Dwyer and seconded by Mark Crawford. The motion passed unanimously.


Report of the Secretary:  Report by the Secretary Rebecca Christian was no new communications to share.


Report of the Treasurer: 

Deceased Members include Al Breeland and Nell Eubanks.  A request for no publication from certain families of deceased members has been received. Lee and Dot Poe requested to be dropped from the membership list.

Report of the Treasurer, Mike Ruth, was presented in written format of tables. A written Treasure’s report to members is published in the Camellian at regular intervals.

GCCS Meetings for the last four years have resulted in profits from auctions. The Camellian printing cost has averaged around $5,200 which was paid from the HancockWhitney checking account. The 2017 grants of $6000 were paid from the Charles Schwab investment account.


Committee reports:

Finance committee

Bob Stroud stepped back from the Finance Committee chair effective January 2018 to be an advisor. Mike Ruth has been added to the Charles Schwab account as the GCCS representative and finance chair.

A full copy of the portfolio was made available upon request.

IRS e-postcard Form 990-n was filed for 2017 by Mike Ruth, 726 High Plains Ave., Baton Rouge, La. 70810. Copies of the tax form and tax ID numbers are available upon request.

La. Secretary of State Business filings form due the month of original charter were filed by Art Landry in Dec. 2017.

A copy of the original 501(c)(3) IRS non-profit document is available upon request.

No sales tax exemption for Louisiana as form R-1048 or any other form number has ever been filed for GCCS. Sales tax must be paid on all goods and services received by GCCS.

A general discussion was held regarding payments for the annual meeting. No motions were made. The Treasurer of GCCS will continue to write checks for services related to the annual meeting upon request of the host. The registration cost has not covered actual costs of the meetings recently. Final costs have been covered by the auctions with a small profit.


Executive Committee:

A meeting was held in January of 2018 with Patrick Andrews of Atlantic Coast Camellia Society attended by Caroline Dickson and Mike Ruth. A brief discussion of a single combined publication from the two organizations was offered for consideration. This was a revisit to a plan proposed by Jim Campbell several years ago that was rejected by the ACCS Board. The 2018 GCCS Board voted to reject a joint publication by a unanimous vote on a motion by Mark Crawford with a second by Mike Ruth.


Editorial and Publicity:

Ken Campbell, editor of the Camellian, which is printed in Baton Rouge by Vivid Ink Graphics, reports 32 pages is the usual issue size at a cost of $7.00 per issue. Bulk mail requires a minimum of 200 copies. Each local club is requested to submit an article about their activities at least one time per year. Other camellia articles are welcome.

Mike Ruth reported for Ann Ruth, administrator of the GCCS Facebook site. There is consistent use of the page with likes for original and shared posts.

Jim Dwyer is the new administrator of a NEW GCCS WEBSITE. An $800 fee has been paid to GoDaddy web host for five years (Jan. 25, 2018 to 2023) The new domain name is Gulfcoastcamelliasociety.org. The list of members will not be posted on the website. Efforts to remove the old web site are in progress. No fees have been paid to the previous web host in Canada for the last five years.

Jim Dwyer requested information from members about their clubs should be sent. Please send news of upcoming events, recent events, meeting news, area gardens, and camellia nurseries to visit. If your local garden clubs use links to GCCS, be sure to correct the new site link. Please send information in Microsoft Word to web master Jim Dwyer at jdwyer@gulftel.com

Features of Atlantic Coast Camellia Society web site by Richard Buggellin were reviewed and links are provided on the new web site for GCCS.



Mike Ruth reported 22 new members. Forty two memberships from 2017 are past due as of October 1, 2018 with the 30 day grace period fast approaching.


Nominating Committee:

Rebecca Christian was chair for 2018 nominations. Al Baugh and Bette hooton served on the committee. Two term limits for officers in the 2012 GCCS By-Laws is a focus to bring new members to the Board.


Annual 2018 meeting in Pensacola

2018 October GCCS meeting has been planned by Bette Hooton to be held in Pensacola, Fla. Monday and Tuesday October 15 & 16 with Sole Inn as headquarters. Palafox House will be site for education sessions and meals. Former GCCS President Dick Hooten proposed that the $30 registration fee be waived if a person pays for all of their meals. The proposal was emailed and approved an educational expense before meeting notices were mailed.


News from American Camellia Society

A report was presented by ACS President, Jim Dickson. There will be upgrades to the gardens and a new construction project to honor Mr. Leon Silver at Massee Lane Garden. The International Camellia Society will meet in the U.S. in 2024. Preliminary plans would include a visit to ACS Headquarters at Massee Lane Gardens. Patrick Andrews is the ICS contact person for the event. The 2019 ACS Convention will be in Mobile Alabama in February 2019.


Constitution and By-Laws:

The Constitution and Bylaws revision 2012 were published in the Camellian fall 2017 along with the 1962 articles and later revision. A regular schedule of By-Laws review will be continued to meet changes allowed by Louisiana law.


Progress reports for Grants funded for 2018

Mike Ruth reported that $380 of the $2000 grant to Baton Rouge Camellia Club for collection of historic camellia cuttings had been spent. Burden Center, Florence Crowder, and others have propagated hundred of cuttings.

Caroline Dickson and Mark Crawford presented report of North Carolina research project. The thesis of the graduate student doing the two year project will be complete during the current academic year. A copy of the thesis will be requested. The plants developed will eventually generate revenue to support future research. The NC State camellia research is the only site known to be focused on camellias and can be ended by decision of the university.

 2019 meeting site is Brookhaven, Ms.

Old business- none

 New business

Motion agenda for grants:

$2,000 to American Camellia Society done annually since 2003 for unrestricted use. The current proposal is to be used for construction of an extension of a walking and golf cart path to a new area of the west garden at Massee Lane that opens new shade areas planted with newer varieties of camellias as presented by Mark Crawford. The motion presented by Caroline Dickson with second by Al Baugh, passed unanimously.

$2000 to North Carolina State University to fund a new project that will develop crosses with camellia vernalis that is projected to produce showy flowers that will be cold tolerant. The motion made by Caroline Dickson with a second from Jim Campbell, passed unanimously.  A full report of progress on the study should be received before funding in future years.

$2000 to Hammond Research Station of LSU was taken under advisement for a future date. The Hody Wilson Camellia garden inclusion in a web based information system sparked many questions. There are three registration entities that would need to be addressed. Mark Crawford noted the poor condition of some of the plants when he visited last year. C Dickson proposed R. Christian seconded with only two votes the motion failed.

 Members concerns for GCCS

Dick Hooten proposed that future meetings of GCCS have a sum contributed from the to defray costs of the convention. The proposal was not a motion. No specific amount was stated.

 Election of October 2018 to October of 2020 GCCS Officers

Two year terms of current officers expire at the current meeting. Preparations to supply written ballots for election of new offices have been done.


Motion to adjourn by Mark Crawford with a second by Al Baugh, passed unanimously.

 Rebecca S. Christian

Secretary GCCS

Gulf Coast Camellia Society Summer Board Meeting June 6, 2019

Gulfport Yacht Club - Gulfport, MS


Dennis Hart, President

Joseph Holmes, Vice-President

Jim Campbell, Secretary

Caroline Dickson, Immediate Past President

Kenn and Ruby Campbell, Camellian Editors

Jim & Eileen Dwyer, Web site

Bill Perkins, President Brookhaven Camellia Club

State Directors:

Mark Crawford

Lisa Miller

Al & Vickie Baugh

Dick & Bette Hooton

Jim Smelley

Dennis Hart started off the meeting with the introduction of Bill Perkins as the head of Brookhaven, Mississippi GCCS annual meeting in October.

A number of ideas and suggestions were made concerning the October meeting. Events such as the Monday night may be held at The Mallard at Dixie Springs with a plant auction and a possible tour of the Tea Plantation in Brookhaven. The main venue would be held at The Homestead in Brookhaven. The event will take place Monday & Tuesday, October 7 & 8, 2019.

Advertising was mentioned, deadline for inclusion in The Camellian is August 15th.


Registration will be done by Ann & Mike Ruth with a local member.

Treasurer’s and Finance Committee report showed a checking account balance of $11,414.09 and the Charles Schwab account balance of $109,507. Motion was made by Dick Hooton and seconded by Lisa Miller to accept the Treasurer’s Report, passed unanimously.

Next agenda item was a motion by Dick Hooton to extend the reduction of the $30 registration fee for all attendees for the next 4 years based on earnings from the Schwab account, seconded by Jim Campbell, passed unanimously.

Motion was made by Jim Dwyer to put all available issues on the website except the current issue, seconded by Vickie Baugh, passed unanimously.

Jim Dwyer also requested that if you have any information on local clubs please send it to him.

Discussion to have a standardized form for all GCCS Grant Applications was discussed and passed unanimously.

A judges re-accreditation will be held at the Oct. meeting from 11 – 1 on the 7th. Joe Holmes made the motion, accepted by all.

A motion was made by Vickie Baugh to have an Honorary Award for a member of GCCS that would be selected by a panel of the President, two Board Members and two GCCS members to evaluate and designate a candidate for this Honorary Award. Motion passed unanimously.

Motion was made to adjourn.

Gulf Coast Camellia Society Board Meeting Monday Oct. 7, 2019


ATTENDANCE: Dennis Hart, President; Joe Holmes, Vice-President; Jim Campbell, Secretary; Mike Ruth, Treasurer; Caroline Dickson, Immediate Past President; Kenn and Ruby Campbell, The Camellian Editors; Jim Dwyer, Website; State Directors: Dick Hooton, Lisa Miller, Eddie Martin, Hal Vanis, Mark Crawford, Vickie Baugh, Jim Smelley.

Secretary minutes from June 3, 2019 were approved with the clarification asked for by Caroline Dickson that the $30/ person paid by GCCS for the Annual Meeting has been approved for only the next 4 years.

Treasurer’s Report by Mike Ruth (see attached copy)

Mike also listed lost members for the past year and requests for removal from GCCS.

Motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report by Eddie Martin and seconded by Caroline Dickson.

Motion approved.

Dennis Hart commended Kenn Campbell for the excellent job he has done on The Camellian.

Jim Dwyer spoke about the GCCS website and asked that local nurseries and clubs send in information on their activities.

Vickie Baugh spoke about the GCCS Honorary Award that was agreed upon at the June 3, 2019 meeting. She discussed the form in which a person would be nominated. The nominations would need to be sent in by May 15, 2020. Motion made by Dick Hooton to accept and seconded by Dennis Hart. Motion approved.

Requests for financial aid came from Wilmot Gardens for $2,000; ACS request for $10,000 and Mobile Botanical Garden request for $4,000. After much discussion it was agreed that Wilmot Gardens would receive $2,000 and ACS would receive for the Silver Memorial Building $4,000. It was mutually agreed that GCCS would not spend over 4.5% of the Charles Schwab account in one year.

A search committee was formed to secure a location for next year’s conference. The committee consists of Caroline Dickson, Joe Holmes, Mike Ruth, Jim Campbell and Dennis Hart.

Motion was made to adjourn by Joe Holmes and seconded by Dick Hooton, motion approved.

Meeting ended at 2:56 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Campbell, Secretary


Gulf Coast Camellia Society Summer Board Meeting July 13, 2020 at 1:30

Patio 44 Restaurant Gulfport, MS


Dennis Hart, President

Joseph Holmes, Vice President

Jim Campbell, Secretary

Bill Perkins, President Brookhaven Camellia Club

State Directors:

Lisa Miller

Dick & Bette Hooton

Alan McMillan

We did not have a quorum, no decisions could be voted on.

Mike Ruth had sent the Treasurers report (see attached)

Joe Holmes talked about the meeting scheduled for St. Francisville, October 19 -20.

He had gotten great room rates for the Bluffs of $90/night and no breakfast. To use the meeting room for dinner and the Banquet was quoted at $800/ day and the dinners would have to be catered and the rates were $45 and up. The Bluffs are 6 miles from St. Francisville and night traveling is not recommended.

Hemingbough is only 2 miles from St. Francisville and they have 9 rooms available for $119/ night with breakfast and dinners would run around $42/ person. The Best Western in town has a room rate of $87/ night with breakfast.

Another venue would be the Episcopal Church in St. Francisville (no price as yet) limited parking on site could be a problem.

The consensus of the members there thought that the Bluffs would be off the table.

Joe Holmes was going to continue exploring other possibilities.

We also discussed cancelling the October meeting, All agreed it was too early to make that decision. We thought the last decision to call it off would be set by the venue and their time frame for cancellation.

The only other discussion was on the nominating of new State Vice Presidents. We were all asked to speak to our local clubs to seek nominations.

With no other business to discuss the meeting was adjourned at 2:35.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Campbell, Secretary










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