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The Gulf Coast Camellia Society was organized in 1962 for the purpose of extending appreciation and enjoyment of camellias. Members come primarily from the Gulf Coast Region which covers states from Florida to Texas.  Camellia lovers from other states are welcome to join. The Society strives to provide information to its members about all aspects of the care and culture of camellia plants as well as the exhibiting and showing of camellia blooms. The Society also serves as a forum for members to share and exchange information and experiences with other members. Annual dues for membership in the Gulf Coast Camellia Society are $10.00 for individuals and $12.00 for couples. Membership runs from October through September each year. Life Membership is available at $200 for individual and $240 for couples. Included with membership are four issues of The Gulf Coast Camellian.


The gulf Coast Camellia Society has an annual meeting which is hosted by a local club in the Gulf Coast Region.  The meetings have informative programs on camellia culture, the latest camellia varities, and other topics of interest to gardeners.  Meetings also provide opportunities for members to socalize with other camellia entheusists and establish friendships that can last a lifetime,  There is also an annual business meeting to tale care of society business.


The Gulf Coast Camellian which contains articles on all aspects of camellia culture as well as serving as an exchange of news and information between and for members. The Camellian also contains reports of the Society's operations, minutes of meetings, financial reports, show news, and other subjects of interest to our members.







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